Virginia Flaggers… if they could get more than 10 people to show up to one of their protests.

Virginia Flaggers

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  1. As usual, Dr. Simpson has nailed it. But, Kevin, “more than 10”? I think if they get to five that would be a major accomplishment.

  2. I count three people and a folding chair. Wow. Where is the crowd control in riot gear?

  3. Is that Mayor McCheese? How did they such get a celebrity guest?

    I like the still-life photo of the four “cold drinks” they put on Facebook. Very convincing.

    • “Is that Mayor McCheese?”

      Oh, the Flaggers don’t like the mayor of Lexington AT ALL, especially since they had a big campaign in 2011-12 to get her voted out of office, and she got re-elected with a bigger share of the vote than before. Do’oh!

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