It’s been a pretty serious week with a good deal of reflection concerning important issues related to Civil War memory. I thought it was time for a little diversion. First up, a dating service where you can find your very own Confederate Connection.

Next, the Confederacy’s return meets its end at a Georgia intersection.


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  1. I like Confederate Connection. The use of satire, ridicule and humor is much better than in your face confrontation.

  2. Must have been the glow of the glorious banner waving from the bed of the truck in front of him that blinded the driver?

  3. Disgusting… The south lost a generation of young poor farmers to be a freaking joke… Let’s not be hypocritical… Could you post similar videos mocking the Federal Government for Native American Genocide or the internment of Japanese Americans? Lastly, Americans should read your CW post to reflect and learn from it; not to mock it!

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