C-SPAN on Reconstruction

C-SPAN has done a great job focusing on Reconstruction over the past few years. Many of these talks have already been posted at the Civil War Memory Facebook page, but I thought it would be helpful to feature them in one place. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does reflect the scope of what has been covered thus far. Enjoy.

Talks and Panel Discussions

Classroom Lectures in History

4 thoughts on “C-SPAN on Reconstruction

  1. London John

    I watched the Cowboys one first (of course). Very enjoyable. I was a bit surprised that the first Texan trail cowboys were former Confederate soldiers and former slaves who just got on with the job – was there no skill to being a cowboy, then? I’d have expected they’d need to hire some experienced Mexican vaqueros.
    A point she didn’t mention with Civil War relevance; I believe Kansas was largely settled by Union veterans who rather objected to the Texas cowboys driving their tick-infested cattle through the country.


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