Currently working on completing a detailed TOC as part of my book proposal on the Myth of the Black Confederate Soldier. I think I just found the perfect title for chapter 7, which explores the spread of this myth on the Internet.

It is concerning enough to watch people mistake slaves for soldiers, but this is downright horrifying considering the kinds of decisions made by presidents.

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  1. I am saying a prayer to Saints Patrick and Brigid that we are delivered from the invincible ignorance of this man.

  2. And as ‘wonderful’ and ‘accurate’ a source as the internet is he doesn’t really even know that BS.

  3. What’s truly bizarre is that even as a trust fund baby/family fortune inheritor surrounded by yes men, surely even DJ Trump – especially given the ups and downs of his businesses – would understand that information needs to be vetted before actions are taken … presumably he would not make a business decision absent due dilgence on the deal, contracts review, legal and title research, business case, P/L analysis, etc; how can a man in his seventh decade make this sort of statement?

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