House Votes to Ban Confederate Battle Flags

Fate_of_the_Rebel_FlagBy now most of you have heard that yesterday the House of Representatives voted to severely restrict the display of Confederate battle flags at VA cemeteries. The Senate still needs to vote, but there is a good chance that they will follow suit.

I shared a few thoughts about the decision at The Daily Beast. Click here for my other essays at TDB.

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  1. “Roughly 50 people—most of whom are older—took part in this ceremony while low attendance elsewhere points to a bleak future for those who believe that the Confederate soldier and his flag still has lessons to impart to the community.”

    An excellent TDB article, but I disagree slightly. I think the Confederate Army and its flag do have lessons to impart to the community: how treason and a bad cause can backfire terribly.

  2. I am a combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq and I am compelled to agree with the action. Soldiers of the Confederacy buried in National Cemeteries should be recalled only at limited times. I do wish, however, that buffoons like Representative Jared Huffman give up such idiotic comments like – “Why in the year 2016 are we still condoning displays of this hateful symbol on our sacred national cemeteries?”

    Jared has not served in uniform for 5 seconds…his addition of this spiteful language is not welcome about ground that is only “sacred” to him as a political tool to amp up more unnecessary bigotry.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the comment. I am not sure I understand the connection between believing the Confederate to be a “hateful symbol” and military service.

  3. I wonder what the 47 men of the 1st Minnesota who stood muster the evening of 2 July 1863 at Gettysburg thinks of Cody Nelson and his parents?

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