Footage of the Civil War Centennial

Some incredible footage of the Civil War Centennial was recently uploaded to YouTube. Featured here is a brief speech by Washington and Lee University President Emeritus Dr. Francis Gaines in which he commemorates Robert E. Lee. Not surprisingly, it is a decidedly reconciliationist speech. The ceremony took place on campus in the Lee Chapel on January 1, 1962. Below you will find links to additional clips.


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  • Shoshana Bee Oct 19, 2016 @ 18:54

    Thank you very much for bringing these clips to our attention; this is the internet at its very best. It is almost magical to transport back in time before I was born and be able to experience the history that I am sorry I missed out on. Actually, the same can be said for all the CW conferences & seminars that I could not attend, but was able to enjoy via the web clips: internet at its best 🙂

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