Footage of the Civil War Centennial

Some incredible footage of the Civil War Centennial was recently uploaded to YouTube. Featured here is a brief speech by Washington and Lee University President Emeritus Dr. Francis Gaines in which he commemorates Robert E. Lee. Not surprisingly, it is a decidedly reconciliationist speech. The ceremony took place on campus in the Lee Chapel on January 1, 1962. Below you will find links to additional clips.


One thought on “Footage of the Civil War Centennial

  1. Shoshana Bee

    Thank you very much for bringing these clips to our attention; this is the internet at its very best. It is almost magical to transport back in time before I was born and be able to experience the history that I am sorry I missed out on. Actually, the same can be said for all the CW conferences & seminars that I could not attend, but was able to enjoy via the web clips: internet at its best 🙂


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