AASLH Reconsiders Confederate Memorials and Monuments

The next issue of the AASLH‘s quarterly magazine, History News, will focus on the ongoing debate about Confederate monuments and memorials. The organization has focused a good deal of attention on this issue in recent years. Last year I took part in a panel discussion at their annual meeting in Louisville and helped out with a webinar shortly thereafter. The collection of essays that I am currently editing is a partnership between the AASLH and Rowan & Littlefield.

You can read the lead article by Madupe Labode here or the PDF version at the bottom of the page, which includes a little sidebar that I wrote on the origins of the Lost Cause narrative. Professor Labode’s piece is a nice introduction to the history and memory of Confederate monuments and the current debate. The issue also includes essays by the Civil War Institute’s Jill Ogline Titus and F. Sheffield Hale from the Atlanta History Center.

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