Virginia Flaggers Outflanked and Annihilated

Update: Virginia Flaggers were led down the streets of Lexington by a member of the League of the South.

From all of the reports, photographs, and videos that I have seen it looks like the Virginia Flaggers and Sons of Confederate Veterans were upstaged by CARE this weekend in Lexington. The Flaggers managed to attract the same roughly 200 people – most of whom do not live in Lexington – to this annual event. Reports indicate that CARE’s march in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. attracted around 2,000 people.

The Flaggers once again managed to get some positive coverage from news outlets that for some reason have not looked into their membership and activities over the past few years. Even The New York Times gave them a pass, but their photographer did manage to capture a wonderful photograph of Susan Hathaway marching down the street.

Susan Hathaway of the Virginia Flaggers in Lexington (Jan. 2017/Credit: New York Times)

Of course, the Flaggers did manage to raise another large Confederate battle flag outside of the city, but as I have suggested before, each of these represents a defeat.

This weekend their defeat came in the form of residents announcing for all to see that the values of the Flaggers and SCV do not represent their city.

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  • Billy Bearden Jan 17, 2017 @ 9:37

    Speaking with a few LPD officers on Saturday about 4pm on Main Street, I asked what was their official head count for care. They said they counted about 250. They said the Flaggers had about the same. But don’t take the police word for it – let a picture speak a thousand words:

    In fact this communist media outlet states just like the photo and LPD that “hundreds” were in attendance.

    2,000? Really?

    The story mentions soccer players. One team came all the way from Portland Oregon 🙂

    Claims of “Unity” is hard to believe if you included BLM in your group, as care did.

    What about the other communist groups represented in care?

    If by ‘anhilated’ you mean more Flagger supporters turning out last weekend than before, a 4th CBF raised in/near Lexington, and minus 1 hour, the streets and historical places in and around Lexington were filled with those who made the pilgrimage to the Shrine of the South, then yes they were ‘anhilated’

    • Kevin Levin Jan 17, 2017 @ 9:42

      Hey folks, here we have another proud Virginia Flagger from out of state. Want to know more about Billy Bearden? Click here and here.

  • Jimmy Dick Jan 16, 2017 @ 6:38

    Did the flaggers declare a victory before the parade or after the parade? Their standards for victory keep getting lower and lower every year. Naturally, those standards are already as low as their requirements for membership which is on a par with their standards of historical accuracy, which is to say practically non-existent.

    • Kevin Levin Jan 16, 2017 @ 6:54

      What I find hilarious is that in one interview Hathaway stated that all the Flaggers want is to be left alone to celebrate their heritage. No one prevented them from gathering in Lexington this weekend. On the other hand, the Flaggers have no problem at all barreling into a community and making their opinions known and then when they don’t get what they want leave a large flag. Talk about hypocrisy.

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