Celebrating the Confederacy in 1961

Check out this short video of a Civil War centennial parade in Jackson, Mississippi in March 1961. There is no shortage of Confederate flags. It certainly is a wonderful example of how these events rallied white communities at the height of the civil rights movement.

There does appear to be two black individuals in the parade, one pushing a wheelbarrow at the 54 second mark, but I am not sure what to make of it.

[Uploaded to YouTube on January 7, 2017]

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  • bob carey Feb 13, 2017 @ 1:11

    I’ve got an idea.
    Our ancestors started, fought and lost a war a hundred years ago. This war devastated our economy, destroyed our infrastructure, turned our society upside down and cost thousands of lives. Let’s have a parade to celebrate!!!

  • Kevin Dally Feb 11, 2017 @ 17:45

    Yes I have marched behind horses…fun trying to keep in “step”, without “stepping” in IT! We didn’t get the luxury of having anyone picking up before us.

    • Joshism Feb 11, 2017 @ 19:55

      In some cities they just have the horses wear bags on their backside to solve that problem.

  • Andy Hall Feb 11, 2017 @ 17:05

    Push broom, wheelbarrow. Did you ever march in a parade with horses?

    • Kevin Levin Feb 11, 2017 @ 17:38

      Guess I need to get out more often.

  • Kevin Dally Feb 11, 2017 @ 15:12

    So, what is with the two Black fellers, one with a wheelbarrow?

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