Books by Kevin M. Levin

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

This is the first scholarly study to thoroughly explore and debunk one of the most popular myths of the American Civil War. Today claims abound on hundreds of websites that anywhere between 500 and 100,000 African Americans served as soldiers in the Confederate army.

Searching for Black Confederates addresses this myth by first analyzing the many roles that enslaved men labored to perform in support of the army and how these stories evolved into the myth of the “loyal slave” and later Black Confederate soldiers.

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Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder

On the morning of July 30, 1864 the Union army exploded 8,000 pounds of powder beneath a Confederate salient as part of an assault that hoped to achieve the capture of Petersburg, Virginia and an end to the war. This was the first time Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army met Black Union soldiers on the battlefield and they responded by killing upwards of 200 in one of the war’s worst racial massacres.

Remembering the Battle of the Crater explores how the murder of Black soldiers during and after the battle was recalled by victorious Confederates as well as how later generations remembered their presence on the battlefield and why they were often forgotten.

Readers will find this book to be a helpful introduction to the broader subject of Civil War memory.

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Interpreting the Civil War at Museums and Historic Sites

The eight essays that comprise this book are authored by public historians and interpreters from across the country. They explore the challenges of interpreting the Civil War era in museums and historic sites in places like Richmond, Virginia and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Authors focus on their experience interpreting Civil War battlefields, the Confederate battle flag, as well as the more recent controversy surrounding Confederate monuments and memorials.

Public historians, educators, and general readers will find much to explore in this collection.

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