Who Are You People?

My wife is away this week, which means that it is just me and my two cats Jebediah and Felix. It also means that I can’t sleep. So, I was up late late last night browsing my sitemeter stats. I usually don’t spend too much time on this, but I did get a feel for the number of visitors since this blog began back in early November. This is the first week that my daily visits consistently topped 140. You are probably right now saying “big deal…don’t get too excited about those numbers.” O.K., but it does show some signs of success-I guess.

I am curious to know a little bit more about my visitors. I would like to know how you characterize yourself in reference to Civil War studies.

1. Professional (Ph.D) historian
2. Professional non-academic (published) historian
3. Avid reader (let’s not worry about the military v. social history distinction here–A Truce)
4. Reenactor
5. Heritage (SCV)
6. High School teacher
7. Other

Perhaps this doesn’t sufficiently break it all down, but it’s a start. Hope to hear from a small sample of regular to semi-regular visitors.

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