Two Articles on American Civil War Musuem

The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star includes two articles by Gwen Woolf on the American Civil War musuem.  The first is a review of the museum and the second is about Sara Poore who works as the Educational Director for the museum. The musueum review includes a few quotes from me at the very end:

"Overall, the exhibit provides the most sophisticated interpretion of the
Civil War that I’ve ever experienced in a museum setting," writes Kevin M.
Levin, an instructor of American history at the St. Anne’s-Belfield School in
Charlottesville who has written extensively on the Civil War. Levin reviewed the
new museum Oct. 15 in his blog "Civil War Memory" (

"This is an intellectually demanding museum," says Levin, adding that Civil
War enthusiasts looking for battlefield interpretation may not have patience
with the museum’s emphasis on the complexities of home front, politics and,
especially, race.

The museum forces people to "step back and question their assumptions," Levin
says. "It forces people to think about issues they tend to steer clear of."

As I’ve written a number of times on this blog, the museum is well worth your time so head on down to Richmond and support this worthy endeavor.

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  • Kevin Levin Nov 5, 2006 @ 16:31

    Xan, — You are thinking of Mark Grimsley who blogs at Blog Them Out Of The Stoneage which is located on my blogroll.

  • Xan Nov 5, 2006 @ 15:47

    Heya Kevin…

    Were you the one who had the discussion a couple of weeks ago about the decline of teaching of military history at the college level? Thought you might be interested in this bit from the Louisville KY Courier-Journal:

    As for me, I’m a lot more excited about seeing Dr. Glenn LaFantasie assume the million-dollar Richard Frockt Family Professorship in Civil War History than I am the prospect of seeing Western play North Texas late some night on ESPN2. I’m excited about all 23 professorships that have been created during WKU’s “Investing in the Spirit” campaign.

    All is not lost…. 🙂

    ps. typepad doesn’t seem to want to accept HTML hotlinks, dammit. Story is at

    or just go to and search under “David Hawpe” who is the writer. The story itself is about the WKU football program, this item is at the very end.

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