Who Says You Can Never Go Home Again?

Thanksgiving_008Thanks to all of you who emailed me not too long ago to attend my 20th High School Reunion.  Michaela and I had a wonderful weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey visiting with my family for Thanksgiving in addition to the reunion.  My mother usually prefers to cook at home, but this year she sprained her foot while doing ballet so we decided to go out for dinner.  The reunion, which was on Saturday evening, was an absolute blast.  I was surprised by how little my friends have changed in the 20 years since graduation and how much I enjoyed sharing old stories.  It was just a little surreal.  On the one hand all of us have gone off in different directions and amassed the kinds of experiences that define adulthood.  At the same time it doesn’t take much time at all to peel back those layers to reveal the innocence and joy of youth. 

I posted a bunch of photos over at Flickr.

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