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Last week I did an interview with A.P. Reporter Steve Szkotak on the Museum of the Confederacy.  We talked for close to an hour about the decision to move part of the collection to various locations around the state in time for the Civil War Sesquicentennial.  I enjoyed the discussion and I appreciate the link to Civil War Memory.  As a historian and teacher I fervently believe that the Museum of the Confederacy is essential to our ability to properly interpret and convey to the general public the rich history of the events and individuals that defined the Confederate experience.

For readers looking for additional commentary on the Museum of the Confederacy see the following links:

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Civil War Memory focuses on the intersection of Civil War historiography, public history, and memory.  I also use this space to discuss the teaching of history on the high school level.  For a sample of some of my favorite posts see the list in the right sidebar.  Comments are always welcome.

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