New to the Civil War Memory Library, 08/29

Update: I decided to re-work my crowdsourcing project around New Orleans and the Confederate monument debate to something that better reflects the turn that the focus has taken in the wake of Charlottesville. It is intended to assist high school and college level students and teachers and anyone else who is interested in digging into the history and memory of this debate. You can find it here.

Stephen Berry and Angela E. Elder, eds. Practical Strangers: The Courtship Correspondence of Nathaniel Dawson and Elodie Todd, Sister of Mary Todd Lincoln (University Press of Georgia, 2017).

Eric Foner, Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History (I.B. Taurus, 2017).

Barbara Gannon, Americans Remember Their Civil War (Praeger, 2017).

Earl J. Hess, The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood’s First Effort to Save Atlanta (University of North Carolina Press, 2017).

Christopher Lyle McIlwain, Sr., 1865 Alabama: From Civil War to Uncivil Peace (University of Alabama Press, 2017).

Dell Upton, What Can and Can’t Be Said: Race, Uplift, and Monument Building in the Contemporary South (Yale University Press, 2015).

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