Hollywood Cemetery

Brooks Simpson is having some fun with what he has dubbed the 2013 Confederate Heritage Follies Countdown. Lord knows he’s got plenty of material to work with. I suspect that the SCV and/or Virginia Flaggers will crack the top five. I’ve been known to have a good laugh at the expense of both organizations, but Read more

Virginia Flaggers welcome visitors to Richmond and honor the memory and sacrifice of Confederate soldiers with this flag. “Richmond needed a reminder of her Confederate heritage.” — Susan Hathaway Meanwhile, back in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. About 2,000 of Gettysburg’s unknown Confederate dead still rest in Hollywood Cemetery in a spot known as Gettysburg Hill. Many Read more

Hooray for Hollywood

Today was the kind of day that I live for as a teacher.  My students and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Richmond. It was a bit cold, but we managed.  The highlight of the trip was the Lee statue along Monument Avenue.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at Read more

Reconciliation at Hollywood Cemetery

I’ve been browsing Hollywood Cemetery’s website in preparation for tomorrow’s class trip and I am struck by the reconciliationist tone used to describe the various sites.  Consider the following brief description of the Confederate pyramid memorial, which was designed by Charles Dimmock and dedicated in 1869: “Hollywood’s ninety foot granite pyramid, completed in 1869, is Read more

Richmond’s Civil War Memory

Tomorrow I am taking 32 students and three colleagues to Richmond to tour Civil War related sites.  Since the courses that I am teaching this trimester are focused on memory we are going to spend time exploring various statues that offer case studies on how different groups, and at different times, chose to remember the Read more