Sons of Confederate Veterans

This was not a good week for the Confederate heritage community. Organizations like the Sons of Confederate Veterans use February and Black History Month to push a new multi-ethnic agenda as a means to stay relevant and to hide the white supremacist roots of the Confederacy itself. This propaganda campaign has had no impact on Read more

Last week the Washington Post published a long expose about Frank Earnest, who is one of the most vocal members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The piece, written by Paul Duggan is well written, entertaining, and full of colorful anecdotes about his own deeply personal relationship with the history and memory of the Confederacy Read more

Update: Thanks to the commenter below who clarified that individuals are not “made” veterans. They are veterans owing to their service. In this case, service in the United States army. It is absurd to think that Memorial Day is a day to honor Confederates who fell in battle along side the white and black Americans Read more

Just when I thought I was persona non grata with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, this morning I awoke to an invitation from the Stonewall Brigade chapter in Lexington, Virginia to speak at their upcoming Lee-Jackson Day symposium. The invitation came from their Lt. Commander. Here is my response: Thank you for the invitation to Read more

Many of you out there will be happy to hear that I am in the home stretch of my book on the Confederate camp slave and the myth of the black Confederate soldier. I am working feverishly on completing the final two chapters. The manuscript will be sent off to the University of North Carolina Read more

The annual parade in Lexington, Virginia celebrating Lee-Jackson Day is going to look very different today. That’s because the local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp and the Virginia Flaggers were peacefully outgunned by the Community Anti-racism Education Initiative, a local organization, which applied for a permit to reserve the day before the other two organizations Read more

I received a good deal of feedback in response to my latest piece at The Daily Beast. In it I explore the recent announcement by the SCV that they intend to build a new museum in relationship to their growing alienation from the Museum of the Confederacy. A number of people were upset by the Read more

In response to the call to remove the Confederate battle flag from the State House grounds in Columbia, SC, following the horrific shootings in Charleston back in June 2015, the Sons of Confederate Veterans issued a statement that referenced the black Confederate myth. Their argument is simple: If black men served as soldiers than the Read more

Update: Nice to see that this post inspired one letter to the editor in response to this story. Update #2: Smithsonian has now picked up the story. Over the weekend the Sons of Confederate Veterans announced that it will build a 17,000 square-foot museum to honor Confederate soldiers and the Confederate cause in Elm Springs Read more

Kevin Collier’s Lost Cause

It’s nice to see that Robert Moore has had some time to publish a few blog posts in the midst of his pursuit of an advanced degree in digital history. As always, he is thoughtful and offers an important perspective that is worth considering. Yesterday he offered a few words about Kevin Collier, who refuses Read more