I know many of my most loyal readers are still struggling to come to terms with having their favorite black Confederate outed as a slave.  So, just to show them that there are no hard feelings and in the spirit of the Christmas season I wanted to share at least one sighting of a black Confederate that is sure to stir their Lost Cause shaped hearts.  They Are Out There.

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  1. That looks like a lot of effort and a bit of a mess to get a toy soldier
    and it seems more appropriate for a toy dinosaur rather than a CW Soldier.

    • Kits like that started out as just that — digging out replica dinosaur bones, a sort of excavation-at-the-kitchen-table sort of thing. Not a bad concept. But it’s spun off into all sorts of foolishness. One similar kit I saw was to make a CSI-style “reconstruction” of Julius Caesar’s likeness, based on a little plastic skull provided, and instructions on skin thickness, etc. This despite the fact that (1) there is no skull of Julius Caesar to base it on, and (2) there are plenty of contemporary sculptures that show exactly what he looked like. I didn’t think there was more ridiculous application of a supposed “learning” toy, but (as usual) Kevin again proves there is no floor in this particular race to the bottom.

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