Charges Dropped Against Tripp Lewis

Many of you will remember this little incident involving Virginia Flagger, Tripp Lewis, back in January. It was a nice little piece of Flagger theatrics that garnered a good deal of attention and left his own child fearing for his father’s safety. Nice work dad. The Flaggers were able to organize a defense fund and, according to Lewis himself, all charges have been dropped. As far as I can tell after close to three years of “flagging” the VMFA this is there first major victory.

I for one could not be more pleased by this development. The Virginia Flaggers are much more entertaining with Lewis, Susan Hathaway and the rest of the gang all working together to remind all of us of just how much they love the Confederacy. We eagerly await Tripp Lewis’s planned “counter strike.”

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  • what victory? Aug 16, 2013 @ 15:48

    Generous of you, Kevin, to give one to Norwood. The dismissal was typical misdemeanor adjudication after showing that he complied with required community service, part of his April plea agreement. Also admonished today by judge stay off VMFA property.
    His “victory” hasn’t budged museum policy. Hasn’t done anything other than traumatize his young children, repeatedly brought to stand for hours at a time on the city sidewalks. Now he promises a counter strike against “the enemy” and urges “stay tuned.” What would that be, now that flagging has proven ineffective–yet again–beyond stray PR and, of course, intimidating pedestrians trying to walk past? Keying cars of museum employees, members, and visitors?
    Keeping my name off — can’t afford new paint job just now.

    • Kevin Levin Aug 16, 2013 @ 16:17

      Keying cars of museum employees, members, and visitors?

      Let’s keep the accusations out of it unless you are going to use your name and provide evidence. Thank you.

  • Andy Hall Aug 16, 2013 @ 10:22

    I don’t see how it’s a victory for the Virginia Flaggers. It’s certainly a good thing for Lewis, because it avoids a criminal conviction for a serious misdemeanor that could cause all sorts of long-term problems for him. This is the best possible outcome for him, personally, but if folks were looking for Lewis’ case to be the big courtroom showdown over the VMFA or their forms of protest there, they aren’t getting that. The resolution of this case, in this way, changes nothing at all of the larger situation.

    But then, neither is this really new. This case has played out exactly as all parties agreed four months ago, when Lewis and his attorney struck a deal for deferred adjudication and eventual dismissal, provided Lewis performed some community service and agree to some other minor conditions. Lewis’ statement today mentions none of that, and makes it sound like the judge slapped down the prosecution and tossed the case on the merits. That’s not what happened, but it’s entirely typical of Lewis and the rest of that crew to make it sound as if it is.

    • Kevin Levin Aug 16, 2013 @ 10:36

      Well, I am willing to give them their victory given their track record up to this point. Like I said, I am looking forward to the next incident/embarrassment. 🙂

    • Rob Baker Aug 16, 2013 @ 11:21

      A few days ago, the Southern Flaggers blog also posted an update. They mentioned exactly this thing, honestly I might add. There was no mention of a “victory”. However, they did imply that “Civil Rights” charges were forthcoming from Lewis against the VMFA.

      • Kevin Levin Aug 16, 2013 @ 11:39

        However, they did imply that “Civil Rights” charges were forthcoming from Lewis against the VMFA.

        We could only be so lucky. I am announcing here that if this materializes I will provide the most comprehensive coverage. 🙂

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