Phillip Thomas Tucker’s Black Confederate Mess

Correction: America Through Time is an imprint of Fonthill Media, not The History Press. Arcadia Publishing & The History Press distributes these titles for Fonthill.

A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned the forthcoming release of Phillip T. Tucker’s book Blacks in Gray Uniforms: A New Look at the South’s Most Forgotten Combat Troops 1861-1865. I expressed concern over the use of the iconic image of Andrew and Silas Chandler as the book’s cover art since Silas never served as a soldier during the war and that it did not bode well for the rest of the book. [click to continue…]


Mitch Landrieu and the Mythology of Confederate Monument Removal

The debate surrounding Confederate monuments revolves largely around the question of why they were erected and dedicated in the first place. With the publication of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s new book, In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History that question has shifted to why four monuments in the Crescent City were removed this past spring. [click to continue…]


Blogging is Here to Stay (for now)

Over the past few years there has been no shortage of commentary pointing to the death of blogging. The prediction has been that people would continue to abandon long-form writing for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which favor short bursts of commentary in exchange for instant feedback.  [click to continue…]


Former Slave and Soldier Shake Hands

Here is a wonderful image of a Confederate veteran shaking hands with what is very likely a former camp slave. I have never seen this particular image before and I don’t believe I have ever seen an image like it. It’s also a great example of how “research” is often carried out on social media. [click to continue…]


New to the Civil War Memory, 03/18

Keisha N. Blain, Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and the Global Struggle for Freedom (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018).

Christopher Hager, I Remain Yours: Common Lives in Civil War Letters (Harvard University Press, 2018).

Paul E. Johnson, Sam Patch, the famous jumper (Hill and Wang, 2003).

Mitch Landrieu, In the Shadow of Statues: A Southerner Confronts History (Viking, 2018).

John H. Matsui, The First Republican Army: the Army of Virginia and the Radicalization of the Civil War (University of Virginia Press, 2016).

Phillip T. Tucker, Blacks in Gray Uniforms: A New Look at the South’s Most Forgotten Combat Troops 1861-1865 (America Through Time, 2018).


Update on Black Confederates Manuscript: Reader Reports

Many of you have emailed over the past few months asking for an update about this manuscript. Earlier today I received the reader reports from the University of North Carolina Press for Searching For Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth. Both reports recommended that the manuscript should be published with some necessary revisions. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with their assessment of the book. [click to continue…]


60 Minutes Explores Confederate Monuments

This week 60 Minutes aired an episode on the ongoing debate about Confederate monuments. It comes just a little over a week before the publication of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s book, In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History. It is one of the best short segments on the subject. The interviews highlight different perspectives and solutions, which makes it ideal for classroom use. [click to continue…]


About Those Confederate Flag Murals in Crossville, TN

After reading the coverage of the controversy surrounding two Confederate-themed murals at an elementary school in Crossville, Tenneessee I decided to write a short essay for The Daily Beast. [click to continue…]

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