Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has stayed out of the media spotlight since photographs of him posing in blackface or a Klan robe surfaced. In the past few days, however, he has agreed to a couple of interviews including one with CBS anchor Gayle King. At the outset of the interview the governor references the Read more

Update On Current Book Project: This past week my co-editor and I sent off a revised proposal for our Confederate Monuments Reader. This latest draft includes a separate chapter on the African American response to monument dedications and one on college campus controversies. Sara Georgini, Household Gods: The Religious Lives of The Adams Family (Oxford Read more

Elliott J. Gorn, Let the People See: The Story of Emmett Till (Oxford University Press, 2018). David K. Graham, Loyalty on the Line: Civil War Maryland in American Memory (University of Georgia Press, 2018). Victoria Johnson, American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic (Liveright, 2019). Kevin M. Kruse Read more

A couple of weeks ago I responded to a profile piece in The Washington Post about Frank Earnest, who is a vocal member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The author read my response and contacted me to talk about it. That conversation appeared today in the newspaper. I am reposting it here in its Read more

I don’t discuss Gregory Newson in my forthcoming book about the black Confederate myth, but he is certainly a very passionate and vocal advocate of this particular narrative. It’s easy to dismiss much of what Newson claims about the Civil War and other areas of American history, including the bizarre belief that not a single Read more

Winthrop University released a poll this week to gauge where Southerners stand on the removal of Confederate monuments and the cause of the Civil War. The results point to a significant shift in regional identification with and memory of the Civil War. Well, sort of. The poll offers the following assessment of attitudes toward monuments Read more

Micro-blogging at Civil War Memory

You may have noticed a new tab in the header called News. This is a new feature here at Civil War Memory that will function along the lines of twitter. I continue to publish blog posts on a fairly regular basis, but the frequency has certainly lessened in recent months, owing to my return to Read more

This morning I received an email from the president of Fonthill Media threatening me with legal action because of my blog post about Phillip Thomas Tucker’s book Blacks in Gray Uniforms (America Through Time Publishers). The initial email failed to point out anything specific that was problematic in the post, but the author made it Read more

Update: My first book, Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder was recently released in paperback. You can order it directly from the publisher with a 30% discount by using the code (FS30) at checkout. I am just about finished putting together the index for Interpreting the Civil War at Museums and Historic Read more