Crater Book Now Available From Audible

Crater AudibleI am pleased to announce that Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder is now available from audible. Jack de Golia did a solid job reading the book, which runs just under six hours in length. The audio version is half the price of the hardcover and even cheaper than the kindle version.

The news of the release caught me a bit by surprise, but apparently the book is still selling sufficient copies to warrant it. I also recently learned that there is a chance the University Press of Kentucky may release a paperback version in the not too distant future.

If any of you do purchase the audio version let me know how it goes.

Crater Books For Sale Direct From Author

Update: 15 11 copies still available as of 4:00pm on May 14.

With the arrival of summer comes the opportunity to catch up on some history reading and with that in mind I would like to offer readers a chance to purchase my book, Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder at a significant discount. While the book lists for $35 you can purchase it directly through me for $25, which includes shipping costs. I am also happy to inscribe it for you. I’ve got around 20 copies left so don’t waste time if interested.

You can contact me here for additional information. Please fill out the subject field with “Book Purchase” and I will get right back to you.

The most recent review of the book comes from A. Wilson Greene in the latest issue of The Civil War Monitor.

…it is the most persuasively provocative Petersburg monograph in recent memory. Levin explains the unprecedented mayhem that characterized the combat on July 30, 1864, as akin to a slave rebellion in the minds of the Confederate defenders. It is also one of the best “memory studies” in that now large and often redundant field.

Click here for additional information about the book.

My Book Sales in 2014 and Looking Toward the Future

Today I received my royalty check from the University Press of Kentucky for this past year’s sales of Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder. The book has been on sale since June 2012 and continues to generate revenue. In 2014 the book sold 209 copies. It is only available in hardcover and lists for $35.00. It’s not cheap and the subject matter is fairly specialized. Overall, I am pleased with this year’s sales and the continued interest in it, but it is worth making a few observations given that I am fairly close to finishing the next project.

Most importantly, I regret not working closely enough with the publisher to create a marketing plan tailored to my social media presence. Complimentary copies were mailed to the usual suspects for review and ads were taken out in the popular academic journals, but very little of this focus reflected my particular audience. This was a missed opportunity. Second, the book should have been brought out in paperback at some point before the 150th anniversary of the battle of the Crater. My contract included a provision for a paperback version. I understand that small academic publishers operate around a number of restrictions, but this book had the potential to sell many more copies overall. In fact, I have no doubt that if it were brought out today in paperback it would do quite well. Continue reading “My Book Sales in 2014 and Looking Toward the Future”