Lost Cause

Update: The chair has been returned undamaged. I certainly didn’t see this one coming. This week a group in Selma, Alabama turned a monument honoring Jefferson Davis into a toilet. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write on this blog. :-) We’ve seen headlines such as “Ransom Note Threatens to Make Read more

The Civil War Institute has been knocking it out of the park with their regular series of interviews with Civil War historians. This week’s interview with historian Katy Shively is no exception. Katy is currently working on a biography of Jubal Early. I’ve known about this project for quite some time, but only after listening Read more

First up is a short video about the Lost Cause myth that features historian Karen L. Cox. This is ideal for classroom use. With all the recent scholarship on Civil War memory, we still don’t have an academic study devoted specifically to how African American remembered and commemorated the war. This presentation by Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders Read more

In the wake of the Charleston murders in Charleston, South Carolina we witnessed a wave of Confederate flag and monument removals across the country. This continued following the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville and especially following the police killing of George Floyd in May 2020. A number of states, including Alabama passed Memorial Preservation Read more

Back in June I sat down with historian Dr. Hilary Green to talk about the Confederate monument controversy as part of the “Cabinet Conversation” series hosted by my good friends at Ford’s Theatre. It was a real thrill to be able to chat with Dr. Green. She is doing important work to raise awareness at Read more

How To Remove a Confederate Monument

Supervisors in Albemarle County, Virginia have announced that the Confederate statue that has stood in front of the old courthouse since 1909 will be removed on September 12. As a former resident of Charlottesville I know this statue well. For eleven years I brought students and the general public to this site to help them Read more

This week the mayor of Augusta, Georgia appointed a commission to study public spaces throughout the city that honor Confederate leaders and make recommendations as to how to move forward. This includes the city’s large Confederate monument. My hope is that they do a thorough review of the relevant history surrounding this particular monument. I Read more

Over the past three weeks we have seen the most sustained push to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces in recent history. We will likely see additional removals throughout the summer. While all eyes are on Richmond and Charlottesville, a host of smaller towns across the country have begun the process to remove their Confederate Read more